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  • Simple Ordering

    Order business filing or registered agent service and get instant access to your secure digital account.

  • Tell Us What You Need

    Whatever corporate filing you need, CFS can help. Let us know specifically what filing you need for your clients.

  • Focus On What Matters

    Our filing experts prepare and submit your filings. You focus on running your business.

Solving the Corporate Filing Puzzle

  • Registered Agent Service

    In addition to business filing, we offer clients registered agent service in every state. We bundle this service with formation to ensure that you maintain legal compliance with state law.

  • Web and Phone Services

    Brand your business and set up professional lines of communication with our domain name, website, email, and virtual phone services. Order together or separate. Get online within minutes of signing up.

  • Expert Customer Service

    We operate offices in every state staffed by business filing experts, corporate lawyers and CPAs, and former Secretary of State filers. ¿Hablas español? Our Spanish speaking representatives will help you form and maintain your business. Our knowledge base can't be beat.

  • Compliance Monitoring

    Maintain state compliance and stay in good standing. We monitor compliance with sophisticated tracking technology so clients never miss a deadline.

  • Fast Processing Nationwide

    We work directly with state offices to expedite processing in all 50 states (and Washington DC). In many states, we upload directly to the state, ensuring your filing is processed immediately.

  • Privacy Expertise

    We believe in business privacy. In every state, we offer services that can limit your exposure in the public record and keep your private information private.

Find Your Solution

Since 2009, Corporate Filing Solutions LLC has been helping entrepreneurs and corporate lawyers across America prepare and submit business filings and provide reliable registered agent service.

At CFS, we know uncommon service comes from uncommon beliefs. We believe your business isn't just another statistic. We believe you are not just Joe Business Owner. We believe one size does not fit all.

Your needs are unique. Shouldn't your filing solutions be unique too?