National Filing Services

Corporate Filing Solutions offers national services to businesses throughout America. If you need business formation, foreign registration or registered agent service in multiple states, CFS is here to help.

National Registered Agent Service

We provide national registered agent service to many of our clients who have offices and operations throughout the country. Our network of local registered offices can ensure that all of your compliance requirements are monitored and maintained, no matter what state you do business in. With CFS you get our East Coast knowledge and support combined with the industries best registered agents.

Whether you operate in every state or sell products and services in only a handful of states, CFS has got your registered agent needs covered.

  • Instant Service
  • You Choose Payment Frequency
  • Instant Document Uploads
  • No Additional Fees
  • Ongoing Support
  • Powerful Filing Solutions Portal

National Incorporation and Registration

For clients looking to do conduct business across the country, CFS can help you form your LLC or corporation and register in every state in the country. No matter where you want to form a company, CFS is the fastest and most reliable incorporation service in America.

If you are going to do business in more than one state, you will need to register in each state where you want to offer products and services. Our national filing network can have you registered in every state you need: fast, easy, reliable service.

Our Filing Solutions Portal

When we started offering services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, our goal was to create a digital system that could allow every business owner to easily navigate through corporate filings. Our Filing Solutions Portal is that system. Once you sign up for service, you will have instant access to your Filing Solutions Portal, a single user-friendly system where you can view, order and manage every business filing you will ever need for every state in the country. For example, our Trade Name service is perfect for business owners interested in registering a DBA or fictitious name for their business. Just add our Trade Name service inside our Filing Solutions Portal, and for $100 plus state fees, we’ll submit your filing for you.

In addition to preparing and ordering corporate filings, you can also store and view all of your service of process, legal correspondence and official mail that we receive for your business at any of our registered offices.