National Corporation

Corporate Filing Solutions provides company formation and registered agent services for businesses throughout the country. We can help you form and maintain your corporation in any state—and you can get domain, website, email, and phone service with us, too.

Incorporation Costs
State Filing Fee Varies By State
Our Formation Service Fee  $145
Registered Agent Fee Included
 Start a Corporation Today!

Our Incorporation Service Includes:

  • Same Day Filings
    The same day you place an incorporation order, we complete your filing and send it to the state
  • Custom Articles of Incorporation
    We complete your corporation’s formation documents according to your specifications
  • Custom Corporate Bylaws
    We provide a set of corporate bylaws specific to your company.
  • Stock Certificates
    Provide each shareholder with their own stock certificate that states how much of the company they own.
  • Corporate Resolution to Open a Bank Account
    Resolution you can sign and provide to a bank of your choice to open a business bank account.
  • Corporate Shareholder Meeting Minutes
    Track and simplify your shareholder meetings with these premade documents.
  • Registered Agent Service
    We provide premium registered agent service in every state.
  • Business Presence Package
    Domain, website, email, and phone service to keep your personal and business communications separate.
  • Online Account Monitoring
    You’ll be provided with instant access to our Filing Solutions Portal where you can track and manage all business notifications and alerts. If you have service in multiple states, you can manage all states from one account.
  • Compliance Notifications
    Whenever a company report is due or any other type of maintenance needs to be completed, you will be alerted by email, phone, and/or mail.
  • Access to All State Forms
    We provide all state forms in every state; you’ll be able to perform any business filing anywhere in the country.
  • Option to Order Additional Filings
    We offer additional filing services for businesses who need them. This includes our $9 Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) filing service.
  • Help Any Time You Need It!
    We’re here to help you and your business succeed. Contact us with any question and we’ll be happy to provide you with our knowledge.

The CFS Incorporation Service includes what most other companies offer in their premium or deluxe packages. Why? Because we make starting a corporation easy!

3 Steps to Starting a Corporation in Any State

  1. Choose the state where you want to start a corporation.
  2. Place the filing order.
  3. We’ll complete your filing that same day, send it to the state, and alert you as soon as the state has processed your corporation formation filing.

We provide you with everything you needed to incorporate and start doing business in any state!

Doing Business in Other States

Corporate Filing Solutions works with the Secretary of State to get your foreign company set up and ready to conduct business. If you need to registered to do business in another state, we can help. Want to Register a Foreign Corporation? We know how. Qualification is slightly different in every state, and if you’re expanding onto the national stage, you can avoid the headache of learning each state’s unique rules and regulations by hiring us. We make your life easier so you can get on with business.

Corporate Filing Solutions is your incorporation service provider. We don’t make business more difficult. We make it easy!