Illinois Business Filings

Illinois Business Filings

We are the leading service for Illinois business filings, Illinois incorporation and Illinois registered agent service. Our local offices in every state are experts in working with local government agencies to handle all business filings, as well as provide total compliance monitoring for limited liability companies and corporations.

As a business filing expert who offers the most extensive, affordable and efficient service in the industry. Whether you are just starting your Illinois company or are looking to expand your already existing business into the state, Corporate Filing Solutions is here to help with Illinois business filings.

Illinois Registered Agent Service

All business entities are required to maintain an Illinois registered agent. Corporate Filing Solutions provides the premier service available. Our sophisticated software will track all of your compliance requirements and track all of your deadlines with the Secretary of State. You are kept up to date with regular notifications regarding tax notices, annual report reminders, and all service of process received by our local registered office. You are never caught off guard with notices from the Illinois Secretary of State.

If you already have an agent but are considering a change, see our page on How to Change Your Registered Agent in Illinois.

Start an Illinois Business

If you are considering starting an Illinois LLC or forming an Illinois corporation, Corporate Filing Solutions can make this process as smooth and as simple as possible. Business filings can be complicated, especially if you have never done them before. Our expert filing team can ensure that your company is formed correctly and efficiently the very first time out. We will take care of all of the filings and set you up with an online account you can utilize for all future business filings in Illinois.

Register a Foreign Business

If you already own a business and want to expand into Illinois, Corporate Filing Solutions is here to help. We know all of the ins and outs of foreign qualification. If you want to register your foreign corporation, we can file your application, register your company and handle your franchise tax payment. If you want to foreign qualify an LLC, we will submit the registration paperwork to the Secretary of State, along with a Certificate of Existence, and have your business ready to go in no time.

We take the worry out of compliance and business filing. We make business easy. Hire us today as your top rated national registered agents.