Change Minnesota Registered Agent

Change Minnesota Registered Agent Service

Steps to Change Minnesota Registered Agent:

  1. Hire a New Minnesota Registered Agent. Before you make any filing to change Minnesota registered agent, you need to hire a new Minnesota registered agent. You will need to list your new registered agent’s name and registered office information on the proper form.
  2. Submit a Notice of Change of Registered Office/Registered Agent. To change your registered agent in Minnesota, you must submit a Notice of Change of Registered Office/Registered Agent. This document is filed with the Secretary of State. The fee for corporations and all LLCs is $35 if submitted by mail and $55 if filed online. Foreign corporations must pay $50 by mail and $70 online.
  3. Wait for Processing. Typical processing time is one to two weeks if the filing is delivered by mail. Online filings or in-person submissions are generally processed immediately.
The Form to File Notice of Change of Registered Office/Registered Agent
Filing Fee $35 ($55 online) (foreign corp: $50; $70 online)
Filing Agency Secretary of State
Processing Time 1 to 2 Weeks
Expedite Option No (online filing considered expedited)

Does My Registered Office Address Have to Be a Street Address?

The registered office address of your Minnesota registered agent must be either a physical street address or a rural route box number. A post office box number is not sufficent.

Can I Change My Minnesota Registered Agent to Myself?

In Minnesota, an entity cannot act as its own registered agent. When you change your registered agent in Minnesota, you must appoint either an individual resident of the state, a domestic business entity, or a foreign entity authorized to do business in Minnesota.

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