Idaho Registered Agent

How Corporate Filing Solutions Makes Idaho Registered Agent Service Easy

  1. Instant Idaho Registered Agent Service
    Sign up online and get instant access to your Filing Solutions Portal. There you’ll find all Idaho Secretary of State PDF forms ready for use, pre-filled with our registered agent information, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to complete filings yourself directly with the state.
  2. You Choose Payment Frequency
    When you hire us as your Idaho registered agent, you choose how often you want to pay. As you can see below, we charge less if you pay for more years of service in advance. Take a look:

    Registered Agent Packages
    1 Year $95 Per Year $95 Total
    2 Years $85 Per Year $170 Total
    3 Years $75 Per Year $225 Total
    4 Years $65 Per Year $260 Total
    5 Years $55 Per Year $275 Total
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  3. Instant Documents
    We scan all your service of process and legal documents that we receive at our Idaho registered office to you the same day.
  4. No Additional Fees
    The price listed as your annual service fee is what you pay. We have no additional fees for mail forwarding and processing. You can pay for many years up front if you want less invoicing.
  5. Consolidation Made Simple
    We always file your change of registered agent filing for free and cover the state fees, but you can use our services in any US state. Our service gets better and easier the more corporate entities and state registrations you have. This is where our professional grade Filing Solutions Portal really shines.
  6. We’re a Boutique Law Firm Service Provider
    We service corporate lawyers specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate maintenance. As a direct consumer, you get the same commercial grade tools that corporate law firms utilize.
  7. Ongoing Support
    We send reminders specific to your corporate entity to help you maintain your company registration in Idaho yourself. Our goal is to make corporate filings easy by providing help along the way, but if at any point you just don’t want to deal with it, we charge a minimal fee to pick up where you leave off. We file with the state, scan the filed copy into your portal and return it to you in an expedited time frame. It’s what we do. You can add any kind of corporate filing in your Filing Solutions Portal.
  8. Powerful Corporate Filings Portal
    You can enter your corporate information a single time in your Filing Solutions Portal and then generate any corporate filing you may need: formations, registrations, annual reports, meeting minutes, operating agreements, stock certificates and more. We also include instant steps and tools to do corporate filings yourself, or you can easily hand them off to us to complete and file.

Customized Registered Agent Service in Idaho

We understand every client may be different, so we try hard not to cram you into our box. You tell us how to customize your registered agent service experience, and the odds are your filing solutions portal already has the ability to do just what you’ve dreamed of:

  • Want us to notify your lawyer whenever we accept service of process?
  • Want us to notify a business partner or spouse?
  • How often do you want annual report notifications?
  • What kind of compliance update method do you prefer?
  • Want to list our registered office address on your state business filings?
  • Want to receive mail at our office?

A Real Solution

At our Corporate Filing Solutions Idaho office, our goal is to provide you a solution, not an invoice. It’s not really just our goal though, it’s our bloodline… Solutions is our last name. Making corporate filings easy isn’t just our wheelhouse, it’s literally our domain.

Idaho Registered Agent FAQ

What Does an Idaho Registered Agent Do?

As your Idaho registered agent, we are required by law to perform the following duties:

  • Maintain a physical office address in Idaho
  • Keep regular business hours
  • Accept service of process (notice of a lawsuit) on behalf of your business
  • Contact you when documents are accepted
  • Forward documents to you in a timely manner

In addition to these statutory duties, we also provide complete compliance monitoring for you Idaho business. We help ensure that your company stays in good standing with the Idaho Secretary of State.

How Do I Appoint an Idaho Registered Agent?

An Idaho registered agent is appointed when you form a domestic business or when you register a foreign (out-of-state) company in the state. You designate a registered agent on the following forms:

  • Idaho LLC: Certificate of Organization
  • Idaho Corporation: Articles of Incorporation
  • Foreign Entities: Foreign Registration Statement
What Is an Idaho Commercial Registered Agent?

Idaho makes a distinction between commercial and non-commercial registered agents. A commercial registered agent is a professional individual or company that registers with the Idaho Secretary of State to serve as an agent in a professional capacity. A non-commercial agent may be an individual resident or business entity that does not provide registered agent service as the main component of their business.

CFS is an Idaho commercial registered agent.

Legal Requirements of Idaho Registered Agents

As your Idaho registered agent, we are required by state law accept service of process (notice of a lawsuit) and other legal notices on behalf of your business and forward those documents to you in a timely manner.

To fulfill these requirements, we must maintain a registered office in Idaho (a physical location, not a PO box) and keep regular business hours throughout the year. We must be available to accept certified business mail.

How Do I Change My Idaho Registered Agent?

To change your Idaho registered agent, you can submit a Statement of Change form to the Secretary of State. There is no fee to process this filing. The Statement of Change cannot be submitted online. You must mail the document to the SOS.

What If My Idaho Registered Agent Resigns?

If your Idaho registered agent resigns, state law allows you 31 days to appoint a new Idaho registered agent. If you do not designate a new agent within that time, your company will be in violation of state law and can be administratively dissolved.

Read the Idaho State Statute
30-21-404.  DESIGNATION OF REGISTERED AGENT. (a) A registered agent filing must be signed by the represented entity and state:
(1)  The name of the entity’s commercial registered agent; or
(2)  If the entity does not have a commercial registered agent:
(A)  The name and address of the entity’s noncommercial registered agent; or
(B)  The title of an office or other position with the entity, if service of process, notices, and demands are to be sent to whichever individual is holding that office or position, and the address to which process, notices or demands are to be sent.
(b)  The designation of a registered agent pursuant to subsection (a)(1) or (2)(A) of this section is an affirmation of fact by the represented entity that the agent has consented to serve.
Idaho Secretary of State Contact

Idaho Secretary of State
450 North 4th Street
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0080