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Idaho Registered Agent

You will need an Idaho registered agent if you:

Filings Made Easy offers nationwide business filing and registered agent service. We maintain Idaho corporations and Idaho LLCs by providing our clients safe, secure and timely information services.

Failure to maintain an Idaho registered agent will cause your company to incur fees and eventually lose its authority to conduct business within the state. With our business compliance software and monitoring tools, Filings Made Easy ensures this never happens to your business.

Don’t let business become more difficult than it needs to be. Make business easy.

What Does an Idaho Registered Agent Do?

As your registered agent in Idaho, we are legally required to have a physical street address within the state (no PO boxes). This is called a registered office. We accept on behalf of our clients service of process (notification of a lawsuit) and important business mail. When your business documents enter our office, we immediately upload them into our secure online system and notify you the same day. We also act as your main point of contact with the Idaho Secretary of State by accepting annual report and tax notices, which we track in order to keep your company in good standing.

Why Hire a Professional Idaho Registered Agent Service?

Track and Monitor Deadlines. Our sophisticated deadline tracking software monitors your upcoming compliance requirements so that you never miss deadlines.

Maintain Your Business Documentation. We keep your service of process, compliance documents and business filings in a single secure location. You always have instant access to all your important business documents.

Protect Your Privacy. When your Idaho incorporation is handled by Filings Made Easy, we use our address on your formation documents, keeping your private information off the public record.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation. If service of process is ever delivered, it comes to our office instead of your place of business, so you are never served litigation in front of your clients.

What Makes Filings Made Easy Your Ideal Idaho Registered Agent Service Provider?

At Filings Made Easy, our goal is to make business filings and compliance simple.

Systematic Document Delivery. We employ the most reliable and efficient document delivery system in the business. Your documents are uploaded immediately after entering our office and are accessible online within minutes.

Simplified Compliance. We perfected document delivery, compliance tracking and deadline notification. We always keep you up to date, and when we handle your filings, they are submitted quickly and properly every time.

Advanced Data Security. We designed our digital systems with one thing in mind: maintaining the integrity of your data. With Filings Made Easy, your private information stays safe and secure.

Inherent Value. We charge only $99 per year for Idaho registered agent service. That’s less than $10 per month to keep your company compliant and in good standing.

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