Missouri Corporation Foreign Qualification

What is a Missouri Foreign Corporation?

A foreign Missouri Corporation is an INC originally formed in another state that registers to do business in Missouri. The process of registering a foreign Corporation in Missouri is called foreign qualification. Foreign qualification is used to register a foreign company so that it may transact business in the state of Missouri. There are a few requirements when filing an application for registration in Missouri.

How to Register A Foreign Corporation in Missouri

Foreign Corporation Requirements

  1. Corporation Name
  2. Jurisdiction
  3. Registered Agent
  4. Purpose
  5. Officers/Directors
  6. Return Address
  7. Effective Date

Corporation Name

The Corporation’s name and the laws for which it was formed under is to be listed on the Application for Certificate of Authority for a Foreign For-Profit Corporation. The name used in Missouri will be recorded.


The application requires the date of incorporation, period of duration and principal place of business for the Foreign Corp.

Registered Agent

You are required to produce a name and physical address of a Registered Agent in Missouri. Like in the Corporation’s home state, the Missouri Registered Agent will accept any service of process or notices from the Secretary of State.


A specific purpose statement of the business performed in Missouri will be listed on the application.


The names and business addresses for the Officers and Directors will be mandatory information when submitting a filing for foreign qualification.

Return Address

When filing the application, a name and return address will be provided to get the filing back once it has been processed.

Effective Date

If you do not want an immediate filing date, you may choose to postpone the date. Provide a filing date no loner than 90 days of the application being turned in.

How to File a Missouri Foreign Corporation Qualification Document

How to complete Missouri Corporation Foreign Qualification:

Corporate Name

In order to properly register a foreign corporation in Missouri, you must register a name that adheres to the laws of Missouri. The name must be distinguishable from all other entities already on file with the Secretary of State.

You must include one of the following corporate designations in your name: Incorporated, Company, Limited, Inc., Co., or Ltd. If your corporation’s name does not already use a designator, you can either add one to the end of the name or register a fictitious name to use in Missouri.

Check for availability of corporate names by doing a business name search on the Missouri Secretary of State website.

Foreign Registration Filing

To register a foreign corporation in Missouri, you must file an Application for Certificate of Authority. This document is submitted to the Missouri Corporations Division. There is a $155 qualification fee. The form can be filed online. Credit card payments incur a 2.15% fee.

A current Certificate of Existence must accompany the Application for Certificate of Authority. It can be no older than 60 days.

You are also required to designate a Missouri registered agent. A registered agent accepts service of process and official business mail on behalf of your corporation.

Processing & Initial Report

You can mail or fax documents to the Missouri Corporations Division. Processing time is usually one week. 

All corporations in Missouri must file an Annual Registration Report. The Initial Report is due within 30 days of registration. A report must be filed every year, and an annual $45 fee paid ($20 if paid online).

Missouri Foreign Corporation Qualification Quick Facts

  • Foreign Registration Form: Application for Certificate of Authority
  • Registering Agency: Missouri Corporations Division
  • Qualification Fee: $155
  • Online Filing: Yes
  • Processing: 30 days 
  • Annual Registration Report Due: Varies
  • Annual Registration Fee: $45 ($20 online)


Do I Have to List My Officers and Directors on My Application?

Yes. In Missouri, you are required to list the names and addresses of all of your corporate officers and your Board of Directors.


What is an Effective Date?

The effective date is the date upon which your Certificate of Authority becomes valid. This can be the filing date, or you can select a later date (not more than 90 days after filing). Your effective date marks the legal registration of your corporation in Missouri. You can begin transacting business from this date forward.


What is the Penalty for Conducting Business Without a Certificate of Authority?

Any foreign corporation transacting business in Missouri without a legitimate Certificate of Authority will be fined at least $1,000 (this money will be distributed to state schools). The foreign corporation will not have the legal standing to maintain a legal proceeding within the state until a Certificate of Authority is obtained.


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