Change Delaware Registered Agent

Change Delaware Registered Agent

Change Delaware Registered Agent: Limited Liability Company:

In accordance with Section 18-202 and 18-1105(a)(11) of the LLC Act, to change a registered agent a limited liability company must file a Certificate of Amendment with the Division of Corporations. The fee to file the Certificate is $50. A stamped copy of the document will be returned verifying the approval. A cover letter should be included with the filing.

Change Your Registered Agent: Corporation:

Under Chapter 1, Section 133 of the General Corporation Law, to change a registered agent a corporation must file a Certificate of Change with the Division of Corporations. The fee to file is $50. Stamped copies will be sent to the filer confirming processing. Including a cover letter with the Certificate will ensure timely processing.

The LLC Form Certificate of Amendment
The Corporation Form Certificate of Change
The Fee $50
Processing Time 10-25 Days
24-Hour Expedite $50
Same Day Expedite $100

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How Does the Division of Corporations Know I’ve Changed Registered Agents?

To change your registered agent in Delaware, you file the proper form with the Division of Corporations. Your records are updated, and the registered agent name and registered office address of your new agent are listed publicly.