Oklahoma LLC Foreign Qualification

Oklahoma LLC Foreign Qualification

What is Oklahoma LLC Foreign Qualification Registration?

A corporation or limited liability company (LLC) is considered a “domestic” entity in its state of incorporation or formation. If the company wishes to transact business in any other state(s), it must qualify or register “to do business” as a foreign corporation or LLC. In these states, the corporation or LLC must register with the Secretary of State in order to transact or “do business” in this state. In each state other than the state of incorporation or formation, the entity is considered a “foreign” corporation or LLC.

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When Must an Entity Foreign Qualify?

There are many factors to consider in determining if qualification or registration is required or advisable. If your company’s contacts with a state are substantial or continuous or include one of the factors listed below, then registration or qualification likely is required:

  • Having employees in the state
  • Having a real estate lease and office in the state
  • Having a bank account in the state
  • Having an automobile registered in the state
  • Bidding on or performing certain government contracts
  • Being an absentee landlord
  • Bringing a lawsuit in a state against another party
  • Being a party to construction contracts
  • Operating a telecommunications business

    Oklahoma (OK) Foreign Qualification Requirements

    An entity can foreign qualify or register in the State of Oklahoma when the proper filing with the Secretary of State’s office of Oklahoma is made, which requires the following information:

  • Name of the entity
  • State and date of formation
  • Certificate of Authority (a document that grants the ability to do business in the domestic state)
  • Registered Agent Name and Address
  • Additional Requirements for Corporations

  • Mailing address of principal place of business
  • Purpose of business
  • Estimate of assets and liabilities of the corporation
  • Aggregate number of its authorized shares, itemized by classes, par value of shares, shares without par value, and series, if any, within a class
  • Additional Requirements for LLC

  • The address of the office required to be maintained in the state of its organization by the laws of that state or, if not so required, of the principal office of the foreign limited liability company
  • A Certificate of Good Standing from the company’s home state (the state in which your company is considered domestic) is also required. If you choose Corporate Filing Solutions to help you foreign qualify your entity, we can obtain this certificate on your behalf.

    Foreign Qualification Fees:

    The Secretary of State of Oklahoma charges a state filing fee of $300.00 (may be more for corporations based on how many shares) when you submit your application for foreign qualification. If you choose Corporate Filing Solutions to help you prepare and make your filing, it will cost an additional fee of $125.00.

    Registered Agent Services:

    The Oklahoma Secretary of State requires all entities operating within Oklahoma to have a designated registered agent at all times. The registered agent may be any individual or business with a physical Oklahoma mailing address where the designated individual or business is physically present at this address.

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