Delaware Name Reservation

Delaware Name Reservation Information

When forming a business entity in Delaware, you must select a name for your corporation or LLC. The Delaware name reservation you select must conform to state law:

  • Delaware General Corporation Law
  • Delaware Limited Liability Act

In addition to name restrictions, you must also select a name that is not already in use by another entity. You cannot register a name for a corporation or limited liability company that is already in use in Delaware by some other business. Be sure to make a search of the name you want to avoid heartbreak over not being able to use a name that is part of a large plan you have developed.

You can do a Delaware business entity search to check for availability.

If you are not prepared to submit your formation filing, you can still check for the availability of a corporate name and file a Delaware Name Reservation for your Delaware LLC or corporation. A Name Reservation holds a name for your exclusive use for a period of 120 days.

The filing is specific to the type of entity you wish to create, either a Delaware corporation or LLC.

Entity Type Filing Price
Delaware LLC Delaware LLC Name Reservation $75
Delaware Corporation Delaware Corporation Name Reservation $75

Name reservations can be extended beyond the 120 day period by filing a Re-Reservation Application and paying an additional $75. Be sure to file your new company in the 120 day holding period to avoid paying an additional $75 to the state of Delaware for a name re-reservation.

Name reservations can be submitted by mail or online for customers with an ACH Checking or Savings Account registered with the Division of Corporations. To get the name reservation to the appropriate office by mail quicker, try an overnight service like FedEx over traditional snail mail.